Resort Maps
Conditions change and so should your maps. Give your guests the best experience possible, with dynamic 3D Resort Maps from Rock Garden.
From 2D to 3D
James Niehues' painted resort maps are iconic. But we now have the tech to make something more detailed, more functional, and capable of real-time updates.

Powder Mountain map by James Niehues

Rock Garden Interactive 3D Resort Map

Visualization Tools Worthy of Your Guest Experience
Ultra high-definition, survey-grade 3D map of your resort

Highlight your resort's unique qualities in mind-blowing resolution with 1000X more detail than Google Maps. Multi-season, multi-sport availability.

Advanced filtering by difficulty, terrain and points of interest

Let site visitors find exactly what they're looking for with filtering and search tools. No more scouring static, hand-painted maps for relevant info.

Admin tools for adding/editing runs and points of interest

Be in control of your map. Quickly and easily update, add or remove routes as needed. Keep your map up-to-date and accurate year-round.

3D flyovers and run previews

Let site visitors experience runs before setting foot at your resort with virtual flyovers.

Admin analytics reporting

Get info on total visitors, most-viewed/most-searched routes and sales conversions.