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Your purchase goes directly to capturing new areas, building new features, supporting climbers, and climbing organizations

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The van is packed and we’re ready to go. Help us choose which area we capture next. Founders Pass holders choose the next 10 areas.

Partner Profile

The Quarry

The Quarry opened its doors in 2000. Our gym was built by, is owned by, and continues to be run by climbers. We wanted a quality venue where we could train during inclement weather (or had limited time, making an outdoor trip futile), and a family-friendly place to introduce new people to our sport. We are grateful for our success and the support of the community. Our membership base is strong and our youth programs continue to operate at capacity. We are proud that The Quarry has become a landmark in Provo.


We're going places.
Where we go next is up to you.
Provo, UT. USA
Red River Gorge
kentucky, USA
Yosemite National Park
Red Rock Canyon
Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
Arkansas, USA
Oregon, USA
British Columbia, Canada
Highway 80
California, USA
Joshua Tree National Park
California, USA
Colorado, USA
Colorado, USA
Colorado, USA
Rocky Mtn.
National Park
Colorado, USA
City of Rocks
Idaho, USA
Mount Lemmon
Arizona, USA
New Hampshire, USA
Needles of Rushmore
South Dakota, USA
Stone Fort
Tennessee, USA
Hueco Tanks
Texas, USA
Fisher Towers
Utah, USA
National Park
Utah, USA
Washington, USA
Washington, USA
New River
West Virginia, USA
Devil’s Lake
Wisconsin, USA
Grand Tetons
Wyoming, USA

Help us choose where to go next.

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The views
are epic.
Ultra-High-Def 3D vertically-scanned climbing topos are changing the way we approach the ascent. Giving climbers and stewards the pre-flight visualization they need to Venture Into The Known™.
We've collected some beautiful rocks along the way.

Castleton Tower

Moab UT. U.S. Elev. 6,656′
38.6511° N, 109.3678° W
This 400-foot tower made from Wingate Sandstone standing on a 1,000-foot Moenkopi-Chinle cone has world-class climbing. The Kor-Ingalls Route is featured in Fifty Classic Climbs of North America.
Vert. Ft
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For climbers.
By climbers.
Our vision:
Better beta for all.
Our mission is expansive—and it isn't simple. Rather than repackaging publicly available data or selling community-sourced notes back to the community, we're creating something better: A sustainable model that rewards contributors and creates beta on a never-before-seen level.


Map and create the next-gen of immersive, interactive 3D climbing navigation tools, paired with the best beta for more epic adventures.


Connecting and collecting data together with local experts, guides, and stewards to create better beta for all.


Preserve climbing areas in partnership with stewards to provide clear ecological, indigenous, and ethical guidance and markers.


Provide meaningful and sustainable resources and funding to local climbing experts, stewards, and organizations.

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Community sourced, community driven. Our mission is to capture the world’s most amazing spaces in 3D to power the next generation of climbing experiences. To do that, we need a dedicated community of climbers to help grow our efforts. You can play a pivotal role in propelling Rock Garden to become the gold standard guidebook for today and tomorrow.
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Make bucks.
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Sustain your area.
• Bolt Management
• Conservation
• Fundraising
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Desktop Access

Prefer to browse routes and plan your climbs using your computer? With desktop access, you'll be able to browse our entire catalog of 3D models and route beta on any computer with internet access.

Approaches & Walk-Offs

One of the most prevalent challenges for climbers is finding their way to and from new climbs. Using our 3D data, you'll see clear and precise directions so you can spend less time finding and more time sending.

Route Drawing

With route drawing tools, you'll be able to add new routes or update existing routes on any 3D scene in the app.

Sun & Shade Modeling

See which routes on a crag will get shade and sun at the times you plan to climb.

3D GPS Navigation

See exactly where you are in our 3D views to more quickly find your way from the trailhead to your destination.

Route Previews

See the route before downloading the full 3D model with lightweight route previews.

Multi-Crag Views

Visualize and navigate multiple contiguous crags in a geographic area to better understand distance, scale and density.

Community Programs

Are you a member of a local Climbers Alliance, a drone pilot, a guidebook writer? We should tallk.

Help Capture New Locations
Become a Steward

Import Tools

Ticks, beta notes photos. We've all used other platforms before we knew better ;) We're developing tools to help you migriate your data to Rock Garden.

Paid Access

We're growing up, and with these new features comes paid access (for those who don't hold a Founders Pass)

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